• 用 Docker 启动 sandbox at 2017年06月23日

    Thanks. This article is important for me. Although I have been heard docker for a long time, it's the first time I use it. I suggest other developers try docker. It will only take you 5 minutes to have a new world. You can get a virtual machine totally no sweat.

    Just follow https://store.docker.com/editions/community/docker-ce-desktop-mac and run

    $ docker run -it -v $(pwd):/app -w /app ruby:2.3 bash , you will have a ruby2.3 container(like a debian virtual machine, but it will cost you only 19.27 MB's disk space).

  • 不错的分享。简单几句,就把事情说得比较清楚了。

  • Rails 并发处理 at 2017年03月09日
    • 办法一:可以考虑从业务上调整。整点同时6000并发,这不是人为操作,而是有程序在向你们服务器发请求。你们作为上游可以尝试让下游调整。
    • 办法二、如果下游不要求rails同步立即给出最终结果的话,可以把业务处理交给后台程序(via sidekiq, resque or RabbitMQ),然后快速响应下请求。
    • 办法三、用Node.js试试看,启用Cluster模式。
    • 办法四、找出瓶颈,就用原来的Java跑。
    • 办法五、8核16g内存这种服务器已经比较老了,建议更新下硬件(包括硬盘)。
  • 我现在要转行了 at 2017年03月09日

    No. I am still a programmer. I haven't succeeded in stock market yet. But I didn't give up.

  • 这个广告做得好 at 2017年03月07日

    Yes. You are sensitive. 😄

  • Writings.io 失败了 at 2017年03月07日

    @Rei Writings.io is not failed. It exists in another way. Closed doesn't mean failed. Even if we call it failed, we'd better realize that failings are the mother of success. Rei was known by more people for creating Writings.io .

  • 这个广告做得好 at 2017年03月06日

    Thanks. I am just trying to find a room now.

  • Great opportunity for people who is dedicated to bio-pharmaceutical.

  • IT 人的辛苦,何来价值 at 2017年02月21日

    What is really your need? Please think it throughly. Read some books talking to your heart.

  • 三、资深Android工程师 xxK-xxK/Month 这个子标题没有写。