Rails Screencast: Rails Setup on Ubuntu

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介绍在 ubuntu 上搭建 rails 开发环境,包括用 rvm 安装 ruby 管理 gem,mysql 安装,以及通过安装 passenger 将 rails 运行在 apache 之上。

Hope I can work with http://railscasts-china.com/ someday.

Any feedback are massively welcomed.

不错, 学习了

支持 你的视频

#2 楼 @xufeng Thank you so much, http://happycasts.net sets its focus on Linux, but we have a lot of git and vim things there, some of them might be useful even if you are on Mac, maybe you will like: Ctags: http://happycasts.net/episodes/25 Fuzzyfinder: http://happycasts.net/episodes/24



#3 楼 @happypeter The chapter github and note is really usefully for me. Thanks for your great work.

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This video is just what I need, you help me a lot.



非常赞... 有机会得好好聊聊... 你使用 gtalk 吗? mine: poshboytl@gmail.com

#9 楼 @poshboytl Yes, and mine: happypeter1983@gmail.com

Sent you a mail already, plz check

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