Ruby GraalVM 1.0.0-rc1 released!

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传说中最快的 Truffle Ruby 的底层 VM,GraalVM 终于进入了 1.0 的第一个 RC 版本,可以开始玩 Truffle Ruby 了。 链接:

试用了一下,C extension 还是有些问题,比如 pg。

TruffleRuby runs Rails, and passes the majority of the Rails test suite. But it is missing support for Nokogiri and ActiveRecord database drivers which makes it not practical to run real Rails applications at the moment.


比 JRuby 好在哪?

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可以编译成 static binary

@numbcoder 比 JRuby 9000 快很多啊

As one can see, truffleruby is leading the pack by quite a margin, followed by JRuby (but still over 2 times faster than it). Truffleruby is also an impressive 7 times faster than CRuby 2.4.0.

而且计划支持 C 扩展


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今天看了一下午这个东西了, 挺吸引人的

ksec 回复 官方的 README 啊

最新的 PR comment 也有提到过,

I think Nokogiri is not fully integrated yet, and database drivers is work-in-progress, so I would keep it and just drop the OpenSSL part.

我测的性能比 RMI2.4 慢很多

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