RubyTuesday [北京][9 月 28 日] Ruby Saturday [Saving lives through creative social innovation]

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这次特别的 Ruby Saturday 活动,我们得到 YuanFen ~ Flow 的创始人、前微软中国总顾问 David Kay 先生的支持,在用一天的时间和不同领域的专家合作,尝试去合作并解决一些社会问题,例如癌症。如果真的能够有不错的产品,获得投资也是可能的。 活动发布的有点晚,选择 9 月 28 日是因为正好北京的设计周在这个时候


Random Hack For Kindness

A. "Industry Expertise", in this case, oncology, to identify a problem;

B. "Design Thinking" - an overused term that basically means coming up with creative solutions that come from looking at a problem in different, out-of-the-box ways;

C. "Technical Expertise", in this case, the Ruby programming language, to execute the solution;

D. "Entrepreneurial Expertise" to develop a sustainable business model for the solution.


For the first place winner, could get one month free rent and incubation at Yuanfen~Flow (that's a RMB 10,000 value);
For 2nd and 3rd place can get a 1 month membership to the Yuanfen~Flow co-working space. (Includes a desk, one free drink and 1/2 hour use of the gym/pool per day and a discount at the Oasis Bar & Grille here. That's a RMB 500/person value.)

这是一个很不错的地方,要是周六没事去 798 逛逛也很舒服,这是缘分汇的照片 叫上你的设计师朋友,热爱公益的朋友吧

今天著名影星姜武在缘分汇取景拍电影哈 :)

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唉 环境真好 但是 28 号应该还回不去北京...

#5 楼 @jasl 这个比赛持续时间一个月,并不只是一天的。 所以 10 月份还能再去一次啊

#6 楼 @lmorenbit 谢谢兄弟 微博上面也有活动信息 求转发啊

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