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  • A real mall wechat applet

  • landload_ios source code, has been updated to Xcode9.0 + Swfit4.0, only for learning exchange

  • cmb_pay 15

    An unofficial cmb (China Merchants Bank 中国招商银行) pay gem.

  • easemob 10

    An unofficial Easemob IM instant message service integration gem

  • ll_pay 8

    Helping rubyist integration with Apple Pay(lianlianpay llpay) in China easier.

  • A RESTful application boilerplate in Go (golang) taking best practices and utilizing best availab...

  • Add to cart - animation effect

  • Repo for counting stars and contributing. Press F to pay respect to glorious developers.

  • hubs 0

    hubs is a WeChat moment clone gem focus mobile only.