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    TRACRE is an early stage startup in Jingan, Shanghai.

    Tracre aims to address many of the problems inherent within the global Commercial Real Estate (CRE) industry. China is the perfect launchpad given the lack of existing solutions in an increasingly competitive market dominated by foreign developers, brokerages and tenants.

    We're a small agile team looking for a backend/fullstack developer with the following attributes:

    • Good with Ruby on Rails (RoR) and JavaScript, Mongodb
    • Fluent in one or more languages (Python, Java, C++, C#, Perl, PHP, etc).
    • Implement APIs including but not limited to: mailChimp, mailGrid, newRelic, Sentry, PaperTrail, LogStack, Full Story, external services for messaging / realtime
    • Familiar with deploying and scaling on AWS/Heroku
    • Experience developing WeChat applications and familiarity with Kafka/Spark would be good for the future but is not necessary.
    • Future-proofing mentality
    • Use of MVC, templating, ORMs.
    • Write clean well documented code.
    • Conversational English.

    NOTE: Familiarity with the commercial real estate industry is absolutely not a requirement. Very few people understand the industry which is one of the key reasons why so few good technology solutions exist in this enormous market.

    Salary and equity is negotiable.

    I can be contacted at Raedmund@tracre.com

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We are currently hiring a backend/fullstack developer with the following attributes:

  • Good at Ruby on Rails (RoR) and JavaScript.
  • Fluent in one or more languages (Python, Java, C++, C#, Perl, PHP, etc).
  • Experience developing WeChat applications would be a plus
  • Future-proofing mentality
  • You advocate the use of MVC, templating, ORMs, and other techniques to save time and headaches.
  • You write clean well documented code.
  • Conversational English.

About me: I'm Scottish but have called China my home since 1999. I've been living in Shanghai since 2006 working in the real estate industry. For the most part, My I've been building new shopping centres or saving failing ones throughout China Vietnam and Australia.

In 2016 I decided to build a mobile first platform (TRACRE) to address many of the problems not only inherent within the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) industry in China but around the world. China makes a perfect launchpad owing to the lack of property technology solutions in an increasingly competitive market.

We are attempting to overcome the following attributes of the CRE market:

  • Privacy is power. Core stakeholders in the CRE market desire asymmetric market information to retain negotiation leverage.
  • Space in multi-tenant commercial real estate buildings is flexible - it can be expanded, contracted and tenants can be relocated to create opportunities where there is a prospective tenant.
  • Conventional listing sites can only ever be suitable for single tenant assets and fail to uncover off-market opportunities that result from the above points.
  • Comprehensive market surveys therefore require direct inquiries with prospective landlords. This is achieved laboriously offline.

If you're interested in how we aim to solve these problems, please feel free to reach out.