Rails uniqueness validation not work 现在能解决了吗?

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any sample?

ken 回复


This helper validates that the attribute's value is unique right before the object gets saved. It does not create a uniqueness constraint in the database, so it may happen that two different database connections create two records with the same value for a column that you intend to be unique. To avoid that, you must create a unique index on that column in your database.



db unique index.

Rei 回复

数据库加索引,重复插入会报 500 error ,对吗?如果是这样太不友好了叭,我害得写异常处理……

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cysh 回复

500 比清除重复数据好处理,比如 rescue 之后返给前端个提示 “xxx 被占用”

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