Rails 微博现在 omniauth 认证到底是 oauth 还是 oauth2?

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我打算弄微博的 OmniAuth,但是不知道 https://github.com/ballantyne/weibo 这个怎么用,没找到文档,搜了一下都是一些比较老的文章。

而且看到微博开发文档上写还有 Oauth2,不知道有什么 Rails 的解决方案。谢谢

匿名 #2 2012年06月30日

微博的 OAuth 马上要不提供支持了, 全部转向 OAuth2

邮件上说 9 月份全面换 2,2 的话 access_token 会很快过期,经常还要用户去再授权比较麻烦

新注册的 app 应该都是 oauth2 了 没有合适的 gem 的话可以先用 RestClient 也挺方便的

ps 没通过审核的 app access_token 24 小时过期 通过后的为一周

登录验证用 omniauth-weibo-auth2 sdk 用 weibo2 就行,每次获取 access_token 的时候会有个 expires_at 的 timestamp 告诉你 atoken 什么时候过期,希望帮到你

#4 楼 @reducm 你好,omniauth-weibo-auth2 这个,你能给个地址?我没找到。。。

#5 楼 @hlcfan 用 'omniauth-oauth2'

require 'omniauth-oauth2'

module OmniAuth
  module Strategies
    class Weibo < OmniAuth::Strategies::OAuth2
      # Give your strategy a name.
      option :name, "weibo"

      # This is where you pass the options you would pass when
      # initializing your consumer from the OAuth gem.
      option :client_options, { 
        :site              =>   'https://api.weibo.com',
        :authorize_url     =>   '/oauth2/authorize',
        :token_url         =>   '/oauth2/access_token'

      option :token_params, {
        # SET :parse because weibo oauth2 access_token response with "content-type"=>"text/plain;charset=UTF-8",
        # and when you use ruby 1.8.7, the response body was not a valid HASH (see: https://github.com/intridea/oauth2/issues/75)
        # :body=>"{\"access_token\":\"2.001FOK5CacB2wCc20a59773d0uSGnj\",\"expires_in\":86400,\"uid\":\"2189335154\"}"}
        :parse => :json

      # These are called after authentication has succeeded. If
      # possible, you should try to set the UID without making
      # additional calls (if the user id is returned with the token
      # or as a URI parameter). This may not be possible with all
      # providers.
      uid { raw_info['id'] }

      info do
          :nickname => raw_info['screen_name'],
          :name => raw_info['name'],
          :location => raw_info['location'],
          :avatar_url => raw_info['avatar_large']

      extra do
          'raw_info' => raw_info

      def raw_info
        # SET :mode because by default it will use :header option, and send out header like
        # opts[:headers]={"Authorization"=>"Bearer 2.001FOK5CacB2wCc20a59773d0uSGnj"}
        # this doesn't align with weibo API (see: http://open.weibo.com/wiki/2/account/get_uid)
        access_token.options[:mode] = :query
        access_token.options[:param_name] = 'access_token'
        @uid ||= access_token.get('/2/account/get_uid.json').parsed["uid"]
        @raw_info ||= access_token.get("/2/users/show.json", :params => {:uid => @uid}).parsed

initializers 中 omniauth.rb

Rails.application.config.middleware.use OmniAuth::Builder do
  require 'weibo'
  provider :weibo, Setting.weibo_key, Setting.weibo_secret

#5 楼 @hlcfan gem 'omniauth-weibo-oauth2'

手机打漏了个 o…就是楼上给的地址

qq 微博现在也支持 oauth2 了,有朋友写过 gem 么?

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