Ruby Cool things in Ruby in 2018

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First up there's a new profiler out by @b0rk, rbspy! Looks exciting + makes cool flamegraphs

Great news - @b0rk is taking a 3-month sabbatical to work on Ruby profiling tools (h/t @segment for funding this)

作者 blog 很有料:


A potential friendlier IRB replacement: FIR. Intro:

更像编辑器的 repl:


The always impeccable @tenderlove just may have saved 3% memory usage across your (and all?) Rails apps. Great deep dive into Ruby’s internals + how its VM works too:

More memory optimization tricks + tips from @matugm:

Not sure why, but I haven't tried Enumerable#lazy yet! Also ObjectSpace is fun to play around with if you haven't yet.

Also there's a big ruby VM performance PR almost ready to merge... tons of perf enhancements coming down the line for Ruby this year. … (thanks @thibaut_barrere for these last two links!)

Some initial Spectre / Meltdown benchmarks on Ruby & Rails perf. Basically, yes, there's an impact but not much:

Splitting up a Rails monolith into gems + engines

I enjoyed reading this post today re splitting up a Rails monolith into gems + engines from @dan_manges (via @martinfowler) - that tipping point where an app gets too unwieldly to work with needs a name of its own

via @martinfowler, 因吹斯汀。。

dry-rb && rom-rb

we’re working on 1.0.0s of all the gems from @dry_rb and some of them will be the foundation for @rom_rb 5.0 (also planned for this year) and rom will get identity map, caching API and probably first-class support for event sourcing, among other cool things that won’t fit here ;)

dry-rb 是框架的框架,期待 event sourcing。

kafka && ruby

#karafkarb -> - over 50k messages per second. Internally uses @dry_rb stuff plus integrates greatly with @trailblazer_to :)

第一眼看成了 50 messages per second。。。。



还有我的 😎

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关注 Julia Evans 的博客很久了,非常非常喜欢,强烈推荐

给炮哥点赞 👍

rbspy 真不错

dry-rb 这是要干啥?改造 ruby?太疯狂了吧

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应该算是重造 Ruby 生态系统吧...

Fir 用了下,感觉挺难用的,谁能告诉我下它比irb或者pry好在哪,是我理解错了?

关注点不一样呀 fir 主要是在 repl 里写代码方便,可以缩进补全


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test ^_^ 测试一下

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pry 不也可以?

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