Rails Ruby has been fast enough for 13 years

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Ruby has been fast enough for 13 years

So forgive me if the zombie theme of “Ruby is so damn slow” isn’t striking a recognizable tune with me. Now, I don’t for a minute doubt that Ruby may well be too slow for some people doing some things. But given the fact that Ruby was plenty fast for me in 2003 on a bootstrapped budget with the performance of the day, I think perhaps that tune is out of key for many others too.


Ruby was fast enough in 2003 to build a business like Basecamp with no impediments. Ruby is so much faster and so much cheaper in 2016 it’s ridiculous. On the other hand, skilled programmers have never been more expensive. Splurge on the luxuries you can afford to keep them happy.

medium 是被墙了么?而且用了 shadowsocks 都还访问不了。

I heard web applications described as "database skins."

😅 😅 😅 😅 😅

Unfortunately, happy programmers != productive programmers, happy programmers only mean expensive programmers.

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