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  1. Ruby on Rails Homepage
  2. Ruby on Rails Download Page
  3. Ruby on Rails Documentation
  4. Ruby on Rails Official Blog
  5. Ruby on Rails Source Code

Basics of Ruby on Rails

  1. Rails 一键安装 Windows ONLY
  2. Getting Started With Ruby on Rails
  3. One-Click Installer for Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails Tutorials

  1. Learn Ruby on Rails: the Ultimate Beginners Tutorial
  2. Developing rich Internet applications with Rails, OpenLaszlo, and Eclipse
  3. Starting Ruby on Rails: What I Wish I Knew
  4. Crossing borders: Ajax on Rails
  5. Send Instant Messages from Rails
  6. Installing Ruby on Rails with Lighttpd and MySQL on Fedora Core 4
  7. Introduction to Form Helpers
  8. Controlling Information Access with the Rails Action Controller
  9. Drag and Drop with script.aculo.us and Rails
  10. Ruby on Rails – Programming Best Practices
  11. Understanding Ruby Loops
  12. Build Ajax into your Web apps with Rails
  13. Ruby on Rails Caching Tutorial
  14. Faster Pagination in Rails
  15. Hobo – the web application builder for Rails
  16. Dropping and Sorting with AJAX and script.aculo.us
  17. How to Build a Ruby on Rails Engine: In-depth Start-to-Finish Tutorial
  18. Using Autotest with Rails on Windows XP machines
  19. Rails Migrations for beginners
  20. Fast-track your Web apps with Ruby on Rails
  21. Flash and the Rails Action Controller
  22. What is the secret sauce in Ruby on Rails?
  23. AJAX powered chat in 3 hours on Ruby on Rails
  24. Make A Rails Plugin From Scratch
  25. Create a To Do List with Ruby on Rails
  26. Distributing Rails Applications – A Tutorial
  27. Using Ruby on Rails for Web Development on Mac OS X
  28. [AJAX in Ruby on Rails tutorial][36]

Ruby on Rails Video Tutorials

  1. [Installing Ruby on Rails tutorial][37]
  2. [Instant Rails & Plugins tutorial][38]
  3. [MySQL & Restful Rails][39]

Ruby on Rails Plugins

  1. Rails Lodge Plugins
  2. Rubyforge Plugins

Ruby on Rails Forums

  1. Rails Forum
  2. Ruby-Forum

Ruby on Rails Quick Reference

  1. Ruby on Rails Quick Reference (Johnnys Thoughts)
  2. Ruby on Rails Quick Reference (Tutorial Spot)

Ruby on Rails Quick Cheat Sheets

  1. Ruby on Rails Cheat Sheet (Invisible Blog)
  2. Ruby on Rails Cheat Sheet (Whoishostingthis)
  3. Ruby on Rails Cheat Sheet (Nuby on Rails)

Ruby on Rails Quick Podcasts

  1. Rails Podcasts
  2. Ruby on Rails Podcasts (Odeo)

Ruby on Rails Screencasts

  1. Creating a weblog in 15 minutes
  2. Putting Flickr on Rails
  3. Evolving your database schema without a sweat

Ruby on Rails Ebook

  1. Ruby On Rails book by Michael Hartl
  2. Rails In a Nutshell

Ruby on Rails Showcase

  1. Rails Lodge – Portfolios
  2. Working With Rails

Further Reading

  1. Loud Thinking
  2. Nuby on Rails
  3. Ruby on Rails at Wikipedia
  4. 这个帖子

Online Courses (FREE!!!)

  1. UC BerkeleySoftware Engineering for SaaS

[36]: [37]: [38]: [39]:


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