Rails Rails 10 週年:網站改版、新 Logo、書以及視頻

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http://rubyonrails.org 網站新設計(設計師是 Jamie Dihiansan):

新 logo:

dhh 正在寫一本新書 Ruby on Rails doctrine

I was going to record a new video for the homepage, but since we're just on the cusp on some changes to Rails 5 that'll change things a bit, I'm holding off until beta2 (which should be out shortly). In the mean time, you can enjoy the introduction to Action Cable. But rest assured that it'll soon be replaced by a new, proper introduction.

dhh 準備重錄一個新視頻來介紹 Ruby on Rails。

Rails 5 新的歡迎頁面,搶先看 👇

Reference: http://weblog.rubyonrails.org/2016/1/19/new-rails-identity/

P.S. 新主頁源碼在:https://github.com/rails/homepage

哈哈哈 新版的 Blog in 15 Minutes 么

Ruby on Rails doctrine 好像就是一篇文章吧?

@rei dhh 說是 mini book 😏

Could you sum up what you think "The Rails Way" represents in 2016? I'm actually working on a new mini-book called The Rails Doctrine at the moment that goes over all this in deep detail. - http://thepracticaldev.com/dhh-on-the-future-of-rails

Logo 差了点


插图的风格跟 basecamp 一样一样的


和 Basecamp 画风一致啊,👍

没原来的好看啊 不喜欢

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