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百度盘全部视频下载地址 部分带字幕,简单进行了一下分类


Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Programming Before I Started Enumerable for Fun & Profit by Micheal Hartl, the author of railstutorial JRuby 9000 by Charles Nutter & Thomas Enebo Kids, Ruby, Fun Ruby After Rails by Ernie Miller Ruby Changed My Life Promises in Ruby


Build the Unified Logging Layer with Fluentd and Ruby by Kiyoto Tamura Building Your API for Longevity by Mike Stowe Deoptimizing Ruby Eastward Ho! A Clear Path Through Ruby With OO by Jim Gay Easy rewrites with ruby and science by Jesse On The Outside Looking In by Cindy Backman Ruby Idioms You are not using Rapidly Mapping JSON Your Bright Metaprogramming Future - Mistakes You'll Make (and How to Fix Them) Polishing Ruby by Olivier Lacan


Ruby Performance Secrets and How to Uncover Them My Little C Extension - Lego Robots are magic by Brandon Hays Incremental GC for Ruby interpreter by Koichi Sasada Writing mruby Debugger by Yurie Yamane Harnessing other languages to make Ruby better Ruby-red onions - Peeling Back Ruby's Layers in C Extensions by Emily Stolfo


An Introduction to Spies in RSpec TDD For Your Soul - Virtue and Software Engineering Testing Isn't Enough - Fighting Bugs with Hacks Stress Testing as a Culture Benchmarking Ruby A Partial-Multiverse Model of Time Travel for Debugging by Brock Wilcox Real World Ruby Performance at Scale Going Evergreen by Kane Baccigalupi


Chat Robots Next Level Tooling by Ole Michaelis Containerized Ruby Applications with Docker by Laura Frank A World Without Assignment Future-Proofing Your 3rd Party Integrations Nobody Knows Nobu by Zachary Scott Learning from FP Roda - The Routing Tree Web Framwork Sauron - DIY Home Security with Ruby! Rsense Knows Your Code by Eric West Isomorphic App Development with Ruby and Volt by Ryan Stout Norikra - SQL Stream Processing in Ruby Sweaters as a Servive by Amy Wibowo


A Lever for the Mind by Tom Stuart Affordances in Programming Languages by Randy Coulman Epic Intro Music - BLE Beacons and Ruby Going the Distance by Richard Schneeman It's so quiet. Let's make music. Letting Concurrency Help You Today Lightning Talks by Many People Madam Sandi Tells Your Future by Sandi Metz Opening Keynote Overcoming Our Obsession with Stringly Programming, Education, and the American Dream

Rubyists, have a sip of Elixir! Scalable Deployments by Shota Fukumori Strong Duck Type Driven Development The Quiet Programmer by Mark McSpadden The Social Coding Contract by Justin Searls

Questions for Matz




#2 楼 @xfstart07 最好还是下载下来看,如果分辨率低于 480 就看不清楚了 @chenge 看了一部分,找有兴趣的看看吧,毕竟太杂了,涉及到 ruby 的很多方面

#2 楼 @xfstart07 速度还可以。只是好看的不多。



@chenge 嗯,最好的方式还是下载看

看了其中一些,收获很多,但是听力太水了 好多都是在意淫 + 脑补

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