Ruby Ruby 2.2.0-preview1 is released

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We are pleased to announce the release of Ruby 2.2.0-preview1.

Ruby 2.2.0-preview1 is the first preview for the Ruby 2.2.0. Many new features and improvements are included forthe increasingly diverse and expanding demands for Ruby.

For example Symbol GC will decrease the risk of memory exhaustion (symbols are not garbage collected). Because if this Rails 5.0 will be released for Ruby 2.2+

Incremental GC is also nice to decrease pause time. It will help running Rails applications.

The notable changes since 2.1.0 are:

  • Incremental GC
  • Symbol GC
  • core libraries:
    • support Unicode 7.0 #9092
    • New methods:
    • Enumerable#slice_after
    • Float#next_float, Float#prev_float
    • File.birthtime, File#birthtime
  • bundled libraries:
    • update Psych 2.0.6
    • update Rake 10.3.2+ (e47d0239)
    • update RDoc 4.2.0.alpha (21b241a)
    • update RubyGems 2.4.1+ (713ab65)
    • update test-unit 3.0.1 (removed from CRuby repository but bundled in tarball)
    • update minitest 5.4.1 (removed from CRuby repository but bundled in tarball)
    • deprecate mathn
  • C API
    • remove deprecated APIs

See NEWS in ruby repository(WIP) for detail.

With those changes, 1239 files changed, 98343 insertions(+), 61858 deletions(-).

Enjoy programming with Ruby 2.2.0-preview1!


RVM 安装

更新 RVM

rvm get head


# Mac
sed -i .bak 's!!!' $rvm_path/config/db
# Linux
sed -i 's!!!' $rvm_path/config/db


rvm install 2.2.0-preview1

Q. Ruby 3.0 で入れたい大きな変更は? A. Matz: 明日。

无责任中文翻译 Q:请问 Ruby 3.0 是否有想加入的大变动呢? A:尽情期待明天的演讲

@ywjno , 哪来的消息, ruby 3.0 ??

Ruby 3.0への道筋については日経 Linuxの来月 8 日発売号でより明らかになります。Rubyサブセットの新言語「Duck」を設計しています。(なんて編集担当者が勝手につぶやいていいのかしら。誰より早く読めるのは役得です(・ω・)

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