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    Senior Software Engineer


    • Design, develop, test, deploy, maintain and improve software.
    • Manage individual project priorities, deadlines and deliverables.
    • Write robust, reliable and readable code.

    Minimum qualifications:

    • BS degree in Computer Science, similar technical field of study or equivalent practical experience.
    • Software development experience in Go or Erlang programming language.
    • Experience working with two or more from following: web/mobile application back-end development, Unix/Linux environments, distributed and parallel systems, machine learning, security software development.
    • Working proficiency and communication skills in verbal and written English.

    Preferred qualifications:

    • Experience with one or more general purpose programming languages including but not limited to: C/C++, Python, Ruby, Swift, or JavaScript.
    • Experience with web/mobile application front-end development.

    Senior Web Front-End Engineer


    • Build well-designed user interfaces from ground up in HTML/CSS/JavaScript.
    • Work closely with other engineers and designers.
    • Write readable code using the cutting-edge front-end technologies. (e.g. Angular, ES2015+, TypeScript, Webpack.)


    • Good taste of design.
    • Can turn design mockups into realities and make it breathe.
    • Solid understanding of HTML5/CSS3.
    • Solid understanding of modern JavaScript (ES2015+).
    • A solid foundation in computer science . (e.g. data structures, algorithms, software engineering practices, etc.)

    Preferred qualifications:

    • Understanding of UI/UX principles.
    • Nice projects on GitHub.
    • Experience with other programming languages . (Swift, Ruby, Python, C#, Clojure, etc.)
    • Experience with back-end development.
    • Experience with mobile App development.

    UI/UX Designer


    • Create mockups and prototypes to communicate design ideas.
    • Produce high-quality user interfaces and visually appealing designs from concept to execution.
    • Collaborate with product managers and developers in an agile, fast-paced environment.
    • Establish and maintain reusable design standards and guidelines.


    • 2+ years experience as a UI/UX Designer.
    • Bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or equivalent work experience.
    • Have cross-platform design experiences. (Web, android, iOS)
    • Ability to understand the existing style guide and brand guidelines.
    • Be a clear and effective communicator.
    • Have shipped product.
    • Experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript is a plus.
    • Experience with motion design is a plus.
    • Interest or experience in Blockchain is a plus.
    • Willing to travel for work purposes.
    • Please be sure to include a link to your portfolio.

    Senior Android Engineer


    • Develop applications on Android platform.
    • Optimize the module structure and process logic of the applications.
    • Improve application performance by fixing bugs and upgrading.


    • BS/MS degree in computer science with more than one year Android programming experience.
    • Strong knowledge of Java language, familiarity with ideas and design patterns of object-oriented programming, basic algorithms and data structures.
    • Familiarity with Android system, Android application development, testing, distribution process, the use of Android development tools and testing tools.

    Preferred qualifications:

    • Familiarity with Android memory management and graphics image processing, with code optimization and reconstruction experience and a profound understanding of JNI / NDK.
    • Solid knowledge of Kotlin language.
    • Familiarity with HTML5, JS related technologies.
    • Familiarity with mobile network communication mechanism, have a deep understanding and experience in Socket communication, TCP / IP and HTTP, and network programming or server development.
    • Familiarity with Linux systems, Kernel understanding, with experiences in embedded system or hardware development.
    • Have a passion for the mobile Internet, with entrepreneurial experiences.
    • Experiences in blockchain.

    Senior iOS Engineer


    • Responsible for the development of products on iOS platform by coordinating with the team.
    • Assist the product manager to make innovations and improvements on the user experience of the products.
    • Responsible for the daily maintenance of the products on iOS platform.
    • Make suggestions on user experience tests during the process of product development.


    • Junior college degree or above.
    • More than 2 or 3 years experience in iOS development.
    • Familiar with iOS platform development technology, system framework principles and the underlying libraries .
    • Familiar with the iOS platform architecture, system mechanisms and commonly used API.
    • Have experiences in iOS app or SDK development.
    • Capable of independently developing app.
    • Candidates with successful experiences in releasing apps are preferred.
    • Have a strong sense of responsibility, good skills in communication and teamwork.

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