Rails mongodb carrierwave gridfs 的问题

smallbug · 2013年01月08日 · 2515 次阅读

昨天我在研究 mongodb carrierwave gridfs 的时候,发现我上传 20M 的文件的时候运行正常,当我上传一个 40 多 M 的文件的时候就报错。 Could not connect to a primary node for replica set <:cluster nodes="[<Moped::Node" resolved_address="">]> 有时候会是内存溢出的错误 然后不知道是什么问题,我看到 Mongodb.log 文件里面的报错是 Tue Jan 8 16:15:13 [conn600] recv(): message len 49804658 is too large49804658


Where to store the data.

Note: if you run mongodb as a non-root user (recommended) you may

need to create and set permissions for this directory manually,

e.g., if the parent directory isn't mutable by the mongodb user.


#where to log logpath=/var/log/mongodb/mongodb.log


#port = 27017

Disables write-ahead journaling

nojournal = true

Enables periodic logging of CPU utilization and I/O wait

#cpu = true

Turn on/off security. Off is currently the default

#noauth = true #auth = true

Verbose logging output.

#verbose = true

Inspect all client data for validity on receipt (useful for

developing drivers)

#objcheck = true

Enable db quota management

#quota = true

Set oplogging level where n is

0=off (default)




7=W+some reads

#diaglog = 0

Ignore query hints

#nohints = true

Disable the HTTP interface (Defaults to localhost:28017).

#nohttpinterface = true

Turns off server-side scripting. This will result in greatly limited


#noscripting = true

Turns off table scans. Any query that would do a table scan fails.

#notablescan = true

Disable data file preallocation.

#noprealloc = true

Specify .ns file size for new databases.

nssize =

Accout token for Mongo monitoring server.

#mms-token =

Server name for Mongo monitoring server.

#mms-name =

Ping interval for Mongo monitoring server.

#mms-interval =

Replication Options


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