Gem resque-scheduler 在特定时间,例如每天下午 5 点,在配置文件应该怎么写?

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resque-scheduler 在特定时间,例如每天下午 5 点,在配置文件应该怎么写?

单次 schedule 用 enqueue_at

Resque.enqueue_at(5.days.from_now, SomeJob) # run SomeJob at a specific time

循环任务建议用 whenever gem

@cqpx 是循环任务,不过要在后台运行,因为执行时间长,是个爬虫,whenever 没后台执行吧?!如果把他写在配置文件里呢?应该怎么写?

  every: ["30s", :first_in => '120s']
  class: CheckDaemon
  queue: daemons
  description: "This job will check Daemon every 30 seconds after 120 seconds after start"


  cron: "0 0 * * *"
  # you can use rufus-scheduler "every" syntax in place of cron if you prefer
  # every: 1hr
  # By default the job name (hash key) will be taken as worker class name.
  # If you want to have a different job name and class name, provide the 'class' option
  class: QueueDocuments
  queue: high
  description: "This job queues all content for indexing in solr“

楼主搜下 crontab 的写法就懂了。

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