Ruby RubyConf Taiwan 2012 Call For Presentations

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RubyConf Taiwan 2012 Call For Presentations

第三屆 RubyConf Taiwan 將於2012年12月7-8日(週五、週六)於台北舉辦。我們從即日起開始接受投稿,任何與Ruby語言相關的主題都歡迎您的投稿與大家分享。


Lightning Talk: 5 分鐘 (至12月7日前皆可以投Lightning Talk) Talk: 25 分鐘 Session: 50 分鐘


RubyConf Taiwan 2012 will be held on December 7-8, 2012 in Taipei. If you want to give a presentation at RubyConf Taiwan 2012, please submit your proposal. Any topics related to Ruby are welcomed.

The deadline of call of presentations is September 16, 2012. We have three kinds of length for speakers:

Lightning Talk: 5 minutes (This deadline is Dec 7) Talk: 25 minutes Session: 50 minutes

Please submit the subject, extract, author intro and talk length you want, by sending email to:

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