Ruby 推荐 2023 年 Ruby on Rails 新书《Layered Design for Ruby on Rails Applications》

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About this book

Ruby on Rails is an open-source framework for building web applications from scratch while focusing on productivity, leveraging the power of the convention-over-configuration principle, and the well-defined model-view-controller pattern, assisting the developers in building useful features. However, this initial simplicity often leads to uncontrollable complexity turning the well-structured codebase into a hardly maintainable mess. This book aims to help you keep the code maintainable while working on a Rails application. You’ll start by exploring the framework capabilities and principles, allowing you to reap the full potential of Rails. Then, you’ll tackle many common design problems by discovering useful patterns and abstraction layers. By implementing abstraction and dividing the application into manageable modules, you’ll be able to concentrate on specific parts of the app development without getting overwhelmed by the entire codebase. This strategy also encourages code reuse, simplifying the process of adding new features and enhancing the application's capabilities. Additionally, you’ll explore further steps in scaling Rails codebase, such as service extractions. By the end of this book, you’ll be a code design specialist with a deep understanding of the Rails framework principles.

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About the Author

Vladimir Dementyev

Vladimir Dementyev has been working on web applications for more than 10 years and launched his first Ruby on Rails project back in 2014. Since then, he has been working on a dozen of Rails web applications, used by hundreds of millions of customers, monolithic or component-based, following the Rails way or trying to swim against the current. He has been an active member of Rails open-source community since 2015, becoming a regular Rails contributor, a RailsConf speaker, and the author of dozens of gems, including AnyCable, TestProf, and Action Policy to name a few. For his work on the Ruby Next project, the author got the Fukuoka Ruby Award for outstanding performance in 2021. Currently, he's leading the backend developers' team at Evil Martians, helping dozens of web projects around the world build better software.





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拿到 pdf,然后去 直接翻译出中文版即可。

看样子要学着 Java 来搞各种“层”,培养照猫画虎工程师。

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谷歌翻译直接可以提交 pdf?厉害了

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kimi 可以。而且 AI 的翻译相对比较准确流畅。


感谢~ 最近天天看到再推这个,还真没用过

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