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What You'll be Doing:

Architecture. You should be comfortable working with your team to craft a design: choosing the appropriate technology and designing a solution that both answers the problem at hand,and stays within constraints. Coding.
As a lead, we're looking for a breadth of experience in a lot of languages,and expertise in one or two: Ruby, Go,and Javascript are high on our list.You should also be up to speed on practices like TDD, continuous integration, pairing, and infrastructure automation.
Understanding and often playing a major part in the entire cycle of software consultig and delivery, from ideation, to project conception, to UX, to code,to testing,to deployment, and around again.

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架构∶ 你需要和你的团队一起设计∶在有限的条件下选择最合适的技术并设计解决方案来解决手头的问题代码∶
作为一名主管,我们期待你有多种开发语言的使用经验并专长其中的一到两种包括 Ruby,Go 以及 Javascript。
你需要能适应包括 TDD,持续性的整合,匹配以及结构自动化的快速应用能够理解并在整个软件顾问和交付周期扮演重要角色∶ 从理念到项目概念、UX、编码、测试、部署,以此往复

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What You Should Already:

HaveMinimum 3-5 years of production experience with Ruby on Rails and building RESTful APIs. Experience leading or managing a development team, preferrably in an Agile environment Experience with microservices architecture
Strong knowledge of JavaScript and capable of writing componentized front-end web app.
Strong knowledge of HTML (we use HAML), CSS (SASS and BEM), Git (we're on Github),andother common web technologies and protocols.
Understanding that code is written for others to read and capable of writing highly readable,modular, clean,and testable software.You should also follow best practices, capable of recognizing and refactoring common code smell.
Understanding that specs are the foundation of an application and dedicated to test-driving development using RSpec.
Strong experience working with PostgreSQL and understand performance optimization strategies. Understanding that every piece of code written incurs a cost of carry},and that over-engineering is the bane of all evil.
You should also have experience working in teams that practice Agile.
Excellent communication skills. Attention to detail. Also, startup experience is a plus


3-5 年 Ruby on Rails 产品以及 Restful API 经验管理研发团队的经验,敏捷开发模式尤佳 microservices 架构经验 较强的 javascript 能力,能够编写前端网页 app 组件较强的 HTML(我们使用 HAML)、CSS(SASS、BEM)、Git(我们使用 Github)能力以及其它一种常见的网页技术 理解代码应该是容易被读懂的,并且有能力编写易读、模块化、干净且可以测试的软件。你也需要具备*应用且有能力重构代码的素质。 理解说明书是一个应用的及使用 RSpec 进行测试驱动开发的基础 丰富的 PostgreSQL 经验且理解性能优化策略 理解没一段代码都承受实现的代价,过度开发是罪恶的根源 你也需要有在敏捷开发团队工作的经验优秀的交流能力,关注细节。有初创经验尤佳

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