Rails DHH 回答:What makes Rails a framework worth learning in 2017?

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The core premise of Rails remains in many ways as controversial today as it was when it premiered. That by formalizing conventions, eliminating valueless choices, and offering a full-stack framework that provides great defaults for anyone who wants to create a complete application, we can make dramatic strides of productivity.

结尾这段说的也很好,哈哈,主要是能写 Ruby 。

You get to use Ruby, which, even in a world that has rediscovered the benefits of functional programming and immutability, remains the most extraordinarily beautiful and luxurious language I’ve yet to encounter. Just look at some code. I dare you not to fall in love.

我也看到了 可惜英文看了懂个大概

过年期间看了几个 nodejs web 框架, 各种选择太多了,对于没有相关经验的人,确实不知道选哪个

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