Erlang/Elixir Erlang 日志模块 lager

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下面这种用法,我试过在交互模式是不行的。 Once you have built your code with lager and started the lager application, you can then generate log messages by doing the following:

lager:error("Some message") Or:

lager:warning("Some message with a term: ~p", [Term]) The general form is lager:Severity() where Severity is one of the log levels mentioned above.

因为 larger.erl 里没有那几个方法。你可以自己定义。或者发个 PR

#1 楼 @alixiaomiao 不是的, 我在文件里面可以. lager:info("Payloadlen is ~p, alrpl is ~p~n", [PayLoadLength, Alrpl]) 交互式 shell 里面不行.

#2 楼 @flowerwrong 你用了 parse_transform 吧

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