Ruby 又有 rubyist 吐槽 ruby 了:「Ruby is defined by terrible tools」

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说 ruby 都无药可救了。

the Ruby ecosystem was shaped and molded by awful tooling. It still is. You can reject the language; embrace it anyway; or try and fix it. But to ignore this truth is to lose a vital element of context.


And yet, in the early 2000s, long before Rails drove throngs of people to learn Ruby, very smart people who knew about Lisp and Haskell and good tooling, fell in love with Ruby. People like Dave Thomas and Martin Fowler and Jim Weirich.

And I did too, for reasons that still aren’t wholly clear to me.

Why do we love this language which is, in so many ways, the worst of many worlds? A Smalltalk without an image or browser; a Lisp without code-as-data; a Java without the static comprehensibility that automates refactorings; a Perl without… no, never mind, it’s still a better Perl than Perl.



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