Go 下学期的课程要用 Go 语言重构一个微博系统

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今天看 Spring quarter 课程介绍的时候突然发现,这个学期的分布式系统课程要用 Go 来搞,http://cseweb.ucsd.edu/classes/sp14/cse223B-a/

Here is the story: some cowboy programmer wrote a simple online microblogging service called Tribbler, and leveraging the power of the Web, it becomes quite popular. However, the program runs in one single process; it does not scale, cannot support many concurrent connections, and is vulnerable to machine crashes. Knowing that you are taking the distributed computing system course at UCSD, he asks you for help. You answered his call and started this project.

Your goal is to refactor Tribbler into a distributed system, make it robust and scalable.


之前 Rails 用的很多,初次接触 Go 语言,一直听说 Go 非常适合用在分布式系统上,明天会去学习把 project clone 下来,放到自己 github 上,感兴趣的朋友也可以看一眼。希望能在这个学期中多多记录学习经历,分享给大家



今天中午还在看 Go , 据说 NSQ 是学习 Go 分发系统最好的例子。


竟然不用 PHP

一直在自学 Go,现在除了会用 Go 完成部分 C++ 的功能外其余的都不知道该怎么继续了 T…T 求大神指点前路>~<

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