What’s new in Bundler 1.14?

We somehow missed writing up an announcement when Bundler 1.14 was initially released, but several people kindly pointed out the problem. Just 48 days late, here’s what’s new in Bundler 1.14! In this feature release, we added several small features, and fixed a giant pile of bugs.

用 .railsrc 配置 Rails 新项目的模版

Templates and .railsrc files have been around since Rails 3.x, but after 10 years of Rails development I’m just finding out about this now. Learn from my ignorance and simplify setting up all your future rails projects.

基于 Puma 和多进程方式部署的 Rails 性能

One consequence of the GIL is that a single Ruby process has limited ability to fully use the capabilities of a multi-core machine, including a larger AWS instance.

Hanami v1.0.0

Hanami 是一个 Ruby 轻量级的全栈 Web 框架,现在 1.0 正式版本发布了。

Ruby 2.1 的维护支持已停止

还在用 Ruby 2.1 么?Ruby 官方已经公布说停止对版本的维护支持了,赶紧升级吧。

2017 开发者调查结果 - Stack Overflow

This year, over 64,000 developers told us how they learn and level up, which tools they’re using, and what they want.

N+1 Queries or Memory Problems: Why not Solve Both?

This post is going to help save you money if you're running a Rails server. It starts like this: you write an app. Let's say you're building the next hyper-targeted blogging platform for medium length posts.

Geared Pagination - 来自 Basecamp 的分页实现


Geared Pagination 允许你设定不同的分页比例。默认情况下,它会在第一页返回 15 条,第二页 30 条,第三页 50 条,第四页 100 条,以此类推。这种方式在 Basecamp UI 上被证实是一个很明智的。当然你可以调整比例。

Ruby 2.3.4 发布了

This release contains about 80 bug fixes after the previous release. See the commit logs for details.

HTTP/2 Server Push, new in Go 1.8

HTTP/2 introduced server push, which allows the server to push resources to the browser before they are explicitly requested. A server often knows many of the additional resources a page will need and can start pushing those resources as it responds to the initial request.