Rails 50 个最容易犯的错误

This article will be dedicated to the standard approaches to Ruby development which are also called “the Ruby way”. As usual, the most critical mistakes are highlighted with RED. So, let’s find out what exactly newbies do wrong/forget to do or don’t do at all.

Angular 4.0.0 Now Available

Angular version 4.0.0 - invisible-makeover - is now available. This is a major release following our announced adoption of Semantic Versioning, and is backwards compatible with 2.x.x for most applications.

Ruby 2.4.1 released


GitHub 宣布,员工用公司资源完成的个人项目,知识产权归工程师个人所有

If it’s on company time, it’s the company’s dime. That’s the usual rule in the tech industry—that if employees use company resources to work on projects unrelated to their jobs, their employer can claim ownership of any intellectual property (IP) they create.

Heroku 也开始支持 Let's Encrypt 自动申请 SSL 证书了

昨天,Heroku 的官方博客公布了这个消息,他们开始对所有已付费的 Dynos 提供 Free SSL 的功能支持,背后是用 Let's Encrypt 的。

Rails 5.1.0.rc1 已发布,你准备好了么?

自从 2 月发布 beta1 之后,Rails 团队花了约 1 个月的时间终于给我们带来了 Rails 5.1.0.rc1 版本,按照以往的经验,应该在不久就会正式发布了。

Faster Rails: How to Check if a Record Exists

Ruby and Rails are slow — this argument is often used to downplay the worth of the language and the framework. This statement in itself is not false. Generally speaking, Ruby is slower than its direct competitors such as Node.js and Python. Yet, many businesses from small startups to platforms with millions of users use it as the backbone of their operations. How can we explain these contradictions?

Hidden things from Rails 5

Hidden things from Rails 5 by प्रथमेश

Porting Ruby to Crystal

用 Ruby 写 CLI 工具的时候环境依赖烦人吧,安装不方便吧!本文指导你如何用 Crystal (一门非常类似 Ruby 语言,可以编译成 Native 程序)编写一个 CLI 应用,并通过 Homebrew 来发布。

Scala Native 来了

Scala Native 是为 Scala 设计优化的预编译器,以轻量级的方式托管运行时,基于 LLVM。这意味着你的程序无须像 JVM 上那样缓慢的预热。